The conference will be held in the Ben H. Parker Student Center (1651 Elm St, Golden, CO 80401) on the Colorado School of Mines Campus, which is located in picturesque Golden, Colorado. Golden is located 15 miles west of downtown Denver, at the foot of the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.









Golden, Colorado, the location of the Colorado School of Mines, is situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The elevation (altitude) of the campus is approximately 5,800 feet (1,768 meters) above sea level.

 Weather in Golden is generally seasonal, with cold temperatures in winter (December through February), hot temperatures in summer (June through August), and variable temperatures in spring and fall. However, due to the proximity of the Rocky Mountains and the city’s altitude, temperatures can vary widely from the norm on a day-to-day basis. Please use your preferred weather app to check on conditions before and during your trip to be prepared.

 Visitors unaccustomed to the combination of Golden’s altitude and generally dry climate are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration and to be cautious if engaging in rigorous exercise.






Airport Information

Denver is serviced primarily by Denver International Airport, located at 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249. There are many options for transportation to and from the airport (listed below).


Getting to Golden From the Airport

Lyft / Uber

A Lyft or Uber costs $50-$70, and will usually get you to a hotel in under an hour if you don’t arrive during rush hour. They are readily available, and typically arrive in 5-10 minutes of making the request.

Public Transit

A combination of busses and light rail can get you to Golden. A regional day pass is $10.50, and schedules are available here. Google maps may provide the fastest route when you arrive, but the following two routes are the most common:

  • A Line Train to Union Station, W Line to Golden, Flex-Ride bus to Golden (schedule here).
  • A Line Train to Union Station, W Line to Federal Center Station, GS Bus to Golden

Shuttle Service

There are many shuttle services that service the Denver metro area. One option is Denver West Shuttle (contact them for rates).

Car Rental

Cars may be rented near the airport, and all provide shuttles to the car rental facility. Information about car rentals is located here.

Transportation During the Conference

If you are not staying at a walking-distance from the conference, it may be easiest to take a Lyft or Uber to and from each day. Hotels located in the Federal Center area may have some public transit options via the W Line and shuttle, or via the GS Bus, but we recommend checking the schedules to confirm that will work.


Visitors to campus during operational hours — Monday-Friday 7 a.m.–5 p.m. — must pay to park on campus.

Please see the Mines parking services page for detailed information, along with a printable visitor parking map.

Please note that some street parking spots require a City of Golden parking permit; please observe all signs.

Get directions to campus using Google Maps.