A Computer Code for Multi-Model Analysis

Constructed using the JUPITER API:
Joint Universal Parameter IdenTification and Evaluation of Reliability
Application Programming Interface


Summary of MMA
(includes version history)


MMA Manual 
The MMA manual is INCLUDED in the DOWNLOAD BELOW, but is offered here for convenient individual download:

Poeter, Eileen P. and Mary C. Hill, 2007, MMA — A Computer Code for Multi-Model Analysis, U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods 6-E3. 



DOWNLOAD MMA version 1.210 (released September 1, 2011) 
(for installation instructions see readme_mma.pdf

    self-extracting zip file with executables for a PC, source and test files:
    place in root directory and extract, directory wrdapp/mma_1.210 will be created if it does not yet exist
  • DOWNLOAD UNIX version
    tar-gzip file (source and test cases only):  mma_1.210.tgz

DOWNLOAD MMA Demo from MODFLOW and More Conference 2017 

(Questions about, or problems with, MMA? Contact Eileen Poeter)