MODFLOW Water Budget Utility
Order No: FOS 66

ZONEBUDGET is a program that calculates subregional water budgets using results from the U.S. Geological Survey Modular Three-Dimensional Finite-Difference Ground-Water Flow Model (MODFLOW) (McDonald and Harbaugh, 1988). Computer programs that simulate ground-water flow typically produce water budgets for the modeled region, but it is often useful to have a water budget for a particular subregion of the model domain. ZONEBUDGET calculates budgets by tabulating the budget data that MODFLOW produces using the cell-by-cell flow option. Subregions of the model domain are designated by zone numbers. The user assigns a zone number for each cell in the model to specify the subregions for which budgets will be calculated. Composite zones can also be defined as combinations of the numeric zones.

Program input is interactive and uses results from MODFLOW output files. Results are saved in text files. The public domain ZONEBUDGET program is distributed by IGWMC complete with source code and DOS-based runtime version. The user's manual includes installation instructions and program documentation.


Intel 80386/80486 based computer, 2 Mb RAM, DOS 3.3 or higher, math coprocessor, and the IGWMC MODFLOW PC/EXT software package.

Author: A.W. Harbaugh (USGS).