Tracer Test Analysis
Order No: FOS 47

WELL is a computer program for analysis of tracer test data. It analyzes dispersion of a conservative solute introduced as a pulse in the recharge well of a two-well flow system using the general theory of longitudinal dispersion in nonuniform flow along streamlines. The effects of transverse dispersion are neglected. Results for the concentration variation at the pumping well are developed using numerical integration and are presented in the form of dimensionless type-curves, which can be used to design and analyze tracer tests. Specifically, these type curves are used to estimate dispersivity and effective porosity from tracer test data by curve fitting. The type curves are also useful for designing tracer tests. Application of the results is illustrated by analyzing the preliminary tracer test run at bore holes DC-7/8 on the Hanford Site by Science Applications, Inc., a subcontractor to Rockwell Hanford Operations, in December 1979.

The WELL program prompts for input data and saves data to an external file. The program produces tabular output. WELL is a research code, distributed with source code, executable image, input data file for the type curves, and output files of the type curves. The user's manual consists of installation instructions and program documentation.


Intel 80i86 based computer, 640 Kb RAM , DOS 3.0 or higher, math coprocessor.

Author: Lynn W. Gelhar (Mass. Inst. of Techn.).