Visual Groundwater
3-D Visualization, Animation and Interpretation of Environmental Data
Order No: TPS 64

Visual Groundwater provides interactive visualization capabilities for manipulating, rotating, and animating multiple three-dimensional data sets including: visualizing borehole logs and environmental sampling data such as site lithology, water levels, groundwater chemistry and soil chemistry; creating 3-D iso-surfaces from multiple data sets; displaying multiple slices (cross-sections) along any plane or orientation; animating multiple data sets with asynchronous and non-uniform time-steps; converting data automatically translating 2D & 3D data from discrete or gridded file formats to three-dimensional Visual Groundwater data sets. Gridded modeling results from other software packages can also be accommodated by Visual Groundwater.


Intel 80486/Pentium with 32 Mb RAM and 25 Mb disk space, SVGA monitor (1024x768 screen resolution), mouse, and W95/NT/3.1 installed.

Developers: Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc.