VARQ Order No: FOS 34

VARQ is a program to calculate aquifer parameters by automatically fitting pump test data and the Theis type curve. The program allows variable discharge rate during the test. It involves the use of convolution and sensitivity analysis to obtain the "best" fit of aquifer parameters in a least squares sense from a pumping test with variable pumping rate. The method can also be used to analyze the residual drawdown data obtained during the recovery period. In addition, this program can be used to analyze drawdown and recovery data conjunctively. Constant drawdown and variable discharge data of artesian flowing wells can also be analyzed. As a measure of error, the root-meansquare (RMS) error in drawdown is calculated along with the correlation coefficient between pumping test data and the theoretically generated data, using the converged values of transmissivity and storage coefficient.

Program data input is interactive. Results are displayed on screen and saved in an output file. VARQ is distributed on a DOS-formatted disk containing source code, executable image, and example data sets. The documentation includes the original user's manual.


Author: M.A. Butt and C.D. McElwee (Kansas Geological Survey)