USGS-SOL presents a series of analytical solutions of the partial differential equation describing the advective-dispersive transport of a non-conservative solute for a variety of boundary types and solute source configurations in one-, two-, and three-dimensions. The analytical solutions are derived for systems with simple geometry, constant aquifer properties and uniform ground-water flow. The package contains the following programs:

All models include first-order decay. Linear equilibrium adsorption and ion exchange can be simulated by dividing the fluid injection rate, seepage velocity, and dispersion coefficients by the retardation factor R in the input data files. The models run in batch mode (no interactive data entry).

In the IGWMC version each module creates an ASCII output file which can be edited to create an input file for commercial graphic contouring packages.

The public domain programs run in batch mode under MS DOS. Example data sets are provided, which can be copied and edited with a text editor for individual problems. The program produces tabular output and an ASCII file which can be used in a commercial contouring package. USGS-SOL is distributed with source codes, runtime versions, example data sets, and documentation.


Intel 80i86 based computer, 640 Kb RAM, DOS 3.0 or higher, math coprocessor, CGA, EGA, or VGA graphics.

Author: E.J. Wexler (U.S. Geological Survey).