UN-GW (for DOS) Order No: FOS 80

The UN-GW software package consists of two parts: 1) data bases and utilities, and 2) mathematical models. Part 1 includes programs for permeability calculations and conversions, ground-water chemistry, pumping tests, well hydraulics and construction, water level data base and hydrographs, well logs and lithological cross-sections. Part 2 consists of models for transient flow in a confined aquifer, in an unconfined aquifer, in a small oceanic island, and in a two-layered aquifer system. Various options are available for graphic post-processing of results. The programs in the package are:

The program is distributed on a set of HD DOS-formatted diskettes containing runtime versions of each program, and example data sets, and includes installation instructions, user's manual and example problems.


Authors: J.K. Karanjec and D. Braticevic (U.N. Dept. of Techn. Co-op. for Developm.)