Order No: TPS 09
Version: 4.1 (05/93)
Price: $0 (shareware)

Author: M.S. Beljin (HydroLink, Cincinnati, Ohio)

UNITS is a "Metric to Inch-Pound to Metric" conversion utility, which uses drop-down menus to select and process 12 categories and 75 different units of measure often used in ground-water hydrology. This user-friendly accepts and displays values using decimal (fixed) form or exponential )(scientific) form with up to 6 decimal points.

If you like the program and intend to use it, you are requested to send $20 to the author for each copy you use. Ask for your copy on a DOS formatted diskette, or download it from our WEB site. The program runs on any Intel 80i86 based computer under DOS 2.1 or higher.