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Version: 1.4 (May 1994)
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TRAFRAP-WT (TRAnsport in FRActured Porous media with Water Table boundary conditions) is a two-dimensional finite element code designed to simulate ground-water flow and solute transport in fractured or granular aquifers, and is capable of treating both (leaky-)confined and water table systems. Fractured porous media are represented by either the discrete-fracture or dual porosity approaches, or a combination of both. The model solves either for flow or transport. Solving for flow provides a steady-state velocity field which can be used in a successive the transport simulation. The flow and transport equations are solved using improved finite element algorithms with special features designed to handle aquifer-aquitard systems and options to account for water table boundary conditions and fracture skin effects. The code takes into account:

  1. fluid interactions between the fractures and porous matrix blocks;
  2. advective-dispersive transport in the fractures and diffusion in the porous matrix blocks and fracture skin; and
  3. chain reactions of radionuclide components.
In addition, for the fractured system the model distinguishes between cases in which the matrix blocks have low permeability and those in which the matrix blocks have substantial permeability. The model can handle various model geometries and element shapes (rectangular, triangular and linear).

TRAFRAP-WT runs in batch mode. Example data sets are provided, which can be copied and edited with a text editor for individual problems. Results are saved in binary files to reuse in later runs, and in text files. The TRAFRAP-WT package includes source code, executable image, and example data sets. The documentation contains installation procedures, theory, user's manual, and example problems.

Standard version:

Extended memory version:

Author: P.S. Huyakorn et al. (HydroGeologic, Inc. for IGWMC)