Version: 1.0 (June 1995)
Order No. DAT 06
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This problems set features the random walk technique for studying solute transport problems in groundwater. It includes an analytical version of the Random Walk model and 8 problem sets demonstrating how the random walk technique works. The accompanying manual explains the theory, includes case studies, and documents the problem sets. Appendices cover calculations of mass, description of typical input parameters, contouring, a discussion of advantages/disadvantages of the method, and a listing of the source code.

The enclosed code is an educational version with capabilities for representing both steady and non-steady state flow conditions, multiple pumping or injection wells, and homogeneous and isotropic aquifer characteristics. Transport includes advection, scale-dependent longitudinal and transverse dispersion, first-order decay and retardation (representing linear equilibrium sorption). Mass is removed from the system through specially defined sinks.

The software has a simple, interactive user-interface and comes with detailed documentation.


4 MB RAM, 1 Mb Hard drive space, DOS 5.0, VGA graphics.

Developer: T.A. Prickett, Urbana, Illinois.