Aquifer Test Analysis

Order No: BAS 18
Version: 2.15 (10/95)
Price: Contact igwmc@mines.edu for more info

The PUMPTEST program package is a menu-driven set of independently run programs. It includes three different methods to analyze pumping test data:

  1. the time-drawdown method (JACOBFIT);
  2. distance-drawdown method (DISTANCE);
  3. recovery method (RECOVERY);
In addition, the package include a units conversion program (UNITS) that will be appreciated by anyone who works with ground-water units of measure.

JACOBFIT: A program to estimate transmissivity and storage coefficient from time-drawdown pump test data. Jacob's straight line method and the least squares method are applied. English or metric system units can be used.

DISTANCE: A program to estimate transmissivity and storage coefficient from distance-drawdown pump test data. It has the same options as JACOBFIT.

RECOVERY: A program to estimate transmissivity from time-residual drawdown pump test data. It is structured the same way as JACOBFIT. UNITS: This program converts ten most frequently used units in hydrogeology from English units to metric units and vice versa.

PUMPTEST supports interactive input of data or from an external file, and has an editing capability. The program includes screen graphics, the ability to plot on the HP7475A plotter, or display results on the screen or on a printer. All of the PUMPTEST programs facilitate interactive data entry and editing, and results are given in tabular and graphic form. PUMPTEST is distributed on a DOS-formatted disk containing executable image and example data sets. The documentation includes installation instructions and a user's manual.


Author: M.S. Beljin (IGWMC)