Order No: BAS 08
Version: 1.33 (May 1996)
Price: $50

The program 'PLUME2D' is an analytical model based on closed-form solutions of the non-conservative solute transport equation for instantaneous and continuous releases of a tracer in one or more source locations as presented by Wilson and Miller (1978), and corrected by Wilson and Miller (1979). The program uses superposition of solutions for individual sources to calculate the resulting concentration distribution for a tracer-pollutant in a homogeneous, confined aquifer with uniform regional flow (flow is assumed to be horizontal and parallel to the X-axis of a user-defined coordinate system). The program evaluates the effects of solute advection and dispersion in an aquifer with up to 25 fully penetrating sources (e.g., fully-screened injection wells. The tracer solute may be subject to retardation and radioactive decay. The well function is calculated using the series approximation given by Walton (1983), which is based on Abromowitz and Stegun (1965).

This public domain program supports interactive data entry and provides for saving of results for post-processing. PLUME2D is a DOS-based program, distributed with source code and runtime version. The documentation consists of installation instructions and a simple user's manual.


Intel 80i86 based computer, 640 Kb RAM, DOS 3.0 or higher.

Author: P.K.M. van der Heijde (IGWMC).