Order No: FOS 19
Version: 1.01 (December 1995)
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ONE-D is a package of five analytical models of the one-dimensional convective-dispersive transport equation with linear adsorption, zero-order production, and first-order decay. The governing transport equations include terms accounting for convection, diffusion and dispersion. The programs represent solutions for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd type boundary conditions. The analytical solutions discussed in trhe documentation have been extensively used for verification of numerical transport codes.

The program runs in batch mode. IGWMC has developed a simple preprocessor, PRE-ONED, to prepare and edit input files. Also, example data sets are provided, which can be copied and edited with a text editor for individual problems. The program saves the results in a text file. ONE-D is distributed on a DOS-formatted disk containing source code and executable image. The user's manual includes data input instructions, theory, and program structure.


Authors: M. Th. van Genuchten and W.J. Alves (USDA Salinity Laboratory)