Order No: FOS 57
Version: 1.1 (September 1992)
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The Monitoring Analysis Package MAP has been developed as a tool for the design of monitoring networks. MAP consists of the Plume Generation Model PLUME, the Monitoring Efficiency Model MEMO, and the Contamination Probability Model COPRO. The package includes utilities for data input and well location adjustment for efficiency determinations. MAP displays intermediate and final results in graphic form directly on screen or to a HP laser printer, or save the results in HPGL (graphic) and ASCII (text) files. PLUME uses a twodimensional analytical transport function for solute released along a continuous line source in an aquifer with a uniform flow field. MEMO provides a computerized method for optimizing monitoring well locations at waste management areas. The user inputs site geometry, hydrogeologic characteristics and initial monitoring well locations, and MEMO determines the efficiency of this monitoring network configurations in terms of the ratio of the area from which a release would be likely to be detected to the total potential source area. The user can change the location of the wells and add or delete wells. COPRO maps the probabilities of down-gradient contamination from a single random leak within a defined irregular shaped potential source area.

Program operation and data entry/editing is facilitated by a menu driven user interface. Output includes tabular and graphic display on screen. MAP is distributed on a DOS-formatted disk containing source code and executable image. The documentation includes installation instructions, user's manual, and example problems.


Developer: Golder Associates, Washington