Order No: TPS 14
Version: 5.2 (1995)
Price: Contact igwmc@mines.edu for more info

FLOWPATH is a 2-D finite difference, steady-state ground-water flow model for calculation of wellhead protection zones, hydraulic heads, ground-water velocities, time related pathlines, capture zones, water balances and steady state drawdown distributions. Physical processes addressed by the model include confined, leaky or unconfined flow in heterogeneous and anisotropic porous media. Boundary conditions include constant head, constant flux and no flow boundaries. The model can account for pumping and injection wells, spatially variable ground-water recharge and evapotranspiration, variable leakage characteristics of under and overlying aquitards and interaction between ground-water and surface-water bodies.

Ground-water pathlines and velocities are calculated using the particle tracking method. The pathlines can be used either to delineate capture zones, injection zones and wellhead protection areas or to simulate advection driven transport of adsorbing solutes.

The program is a self contained package where all data input and output is done via an interactive graphical user interface. This interface facilitates the display of base maps, grid, head contours, hydrographs, flow lines, and velocity vectors. This user friendly interface makes the design and modification of highly complex model extremely easy. The program features interfaces with other models and graphics packages including AutoCadTM. FLOWPATH is a proprietary program distributed on DOS-formatted disks containing executable images and example data sets. The documentation consists of installation instruction, theory, user's manual, and example problems.


Intel 80386/80486 based computer or compatible, 4 Mb RAM, DOS 3.1 or higher, about 4 Mb free disk space, EGA or VGA graphics, math coprocessor, and Microsoft mouse or compatible; runs as a DOS application under WINDOWS.

Developer: Waterloo HydroGeologic Software, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.