Software review courtesy of IGWMC and CSM
Stephen J. Van der Hoven, Illinois State University

AQTESOLV  by HydroSOLVE Inc. is software designed to calculate hydraulic conductivity, storativity and other aquifer properties from data sets collected during slug and aquifer (pumping) tests.  We use this software (V. 3.01 for Windows, Standard Version) in an academic setting for classes and research. 

AQTESOLV  is user friendly.  It can be mastered using the tutorial and help file.  Most students pick up the software quickly.  The Slug Test and Pumping Tests Wizards do a good job of walking the user through the input of data.  A useful feature is the basic pictures on each input screen that show what each variable represents. 

AQTESOLV  can import text files generated by commonly used pressure transducers. Also, data can be manually entered or pasted from a spreadsheet.  It is easy to change the input values once you have entered them, and to switch between English and SI units. After importing, the raw data can be manipulated using mathematical functions.  For example, hydraulic head data can be converted to drawdown data.

Once the data are entered, the software offers a variety of solutions.  This is where user-knowledge is important.  AQTESOLV  gives little guidance on selecting the appropriate solution for the data and hydrogeologic setting and the user is referred to the relevant literature for details on each solution.  The user must also know how to correctly display the data (e.g. on linear or log scales), and how to transform the raw data into the form used by each solution.  The software provides an automated matching feature, but the automated match is usually poor, and manual fitting of the solution lines to the data is recommended.

Incorporating output from AQTESOLV  into a presentation or report is functional, but not fancy (see accompanying figure).  A hard copy of the graphed data, your best fit line, and calculated parameters can be sent to a printer, or, exported as a Windows metafile.  Overall, the software is easy to use, offers a variety of solutions, creates presentation-quality output, and saves time when compared to performing the analysis by hand.

AQTESOLV  can be downloaded at ( Depending on choices such as single-user or site license, standard or professional version, and commercial or academic application, prices vary from $500-1500.

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