Super Slug

Software review by courtesy of IGWMC and CSM
Hyeyoung Sophia Seo,
Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

Super Slug is a commercial-based Windows program developed to determine aquifer transmissivity and hydraulic conductivity from slug test data. The program uses the four most popular slug-test data analysis methods: 1) Cooper, Bredehoeft, Papadopulos; 2) Bouwer and Rice; 3) Hvorslev; and 4) Ferris and Knowles. Super Slug handles both falling and rising head tests, and the required input is simple compared to other aquifer test programs.

Data entry is easy with the Edit menu. It does not go through step by step, so the data can be entered or modified at any time. Super Slug can read time and drawdown values directly from digital data logger files in most cases without editing of the data files, and also import the AQTESOLV file in dos format. In Super Slug, the term “drawdown” does not refer to a change in hydraulic head, but to actual water-level measurements made during the test. This can be confusing. It would be better if the term “drawdown” was changed to “heads” or “measurements.”

The View menu provides analysis methods and other graphic display options. Each solution is well explained in the manual. Users can evaluate which solution better fits their field data simply by switching to each solution option. One of the best features of Super Slug is its flexibility for fitting the model to the data. When graphical methods are used, the user can easily exclude unwanted points at the beginning and end of the test to obtain a better fit. Super Slug also has a convenient drag-and-drop feature matching a type-curve to data for the Cooper method. When the automatic option is used, Super Slug calculates aquifer parameters without user interaction and results are displayed on the screen in a report format.

A simple data set is used to illustrate Super Slug. The more sophisticated aquifer test program, AQTESOLV, produced the similar values of hydraulic conductivity, 8.21 x 10-3 m/d, compared to the 8.71 x 10-3 m/d obtained with Super Slug. Super Slug requires less information and simpler than AQTESOLV, and yet provides accurate result. Overall, Super Slug is practical and easy to use.

The program is available from Starpoint Software at and can be purchased for $195.

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