HYDRUS 2D/3D (version 1)

    **Version 1.xx is No longer available for new purchase**

    Click here to download Hydrus3D_1.12.0070.exe (51 MB)
    This is a self-extracting file. Download and run it, and then "unzip" HYDRUS installation files to a temporary directory and run "setup.exe" that will install Hydrus on your computer. This is the most current version of the Hydrus 2D/3D software.

    Click here to download HYDRUS User Manual.pdf (4.5 MB)
    This includes description of main components of the graphical user interface and software related issues, including main dialog windows, main commands, menus, etc.

    Click here to download HYDRUS Technical Manual.pdf (3.2 MB)
    This includes mathematical description of the problem, numerical solution of governing equations, description of the computational modules, description of verification examples.

    License Information

    The HYDRUS license is protected by a software lock that is based on information about your hardware. Without activation HYDRUS works as a demo version - you can run it but you will not be able to run calculation and save your data.  


    How to activate HYDRUS:

    • Before activation we recommend you to download Hydrus3D_1.12.0070.exe.

    • After installation of the HYDRUS on your computer go to the "Hydrus Activation" dialog and generate authorization codes specific for your computer. Send us these codes via e-mail.

    • We will generate activation codes according to the license type that you have purchased and send you these codes back. 

    • After entering these codes your HYDRUS will be activated.

    HYDRUS reinstallation or moving to another computer:

    • With a "single user" license you are eligible to install and use HYDRUS on two computers (for example a computer in your office and your notebook).      

    • If you reinstall HYDRUS on an activated computer or if you install a newer HYDRUS version then your previous authorization will remain active. However, HYDRUS must be installed on the same hard drive (not necessarily to the same directory) as the previous installation.

    • Before any hardware changes or reinstallation of Windows OS or if you want to move your license to another computer you should deactivate HYDRUS on the original computer. Go to the Hydrus Activation dialog

      and press button "Deactivate HYDRUS".

      Click Yes.

      Save DeactH3D.lf in the folder you want to save.

      Send us a copy of the file that will be created during the deactivation. After you finish HYDRUS installation on the new computer you will have to activate it in the same way as described above.


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