Listed below are DEMOS of some of the software IGWMC offer, as well as some free, public domain software (indicated as PROGRAM). Detailed description of most programs can be found on this web site under the IGWMC Software listing. All the programs are set up as self-extracting files, which can be activated by typing the name of the file at the DOS prompt, or at the 'RUN' command from the Windows file menu, followed by the parameter -d (to include archived subdirectories). Follow the instructions in the README.TXT, READ.ME, or README.1ST files first (after extracting them!)

    Because some of these demos consist of a rather large number of files, you are advised to create a separate directory first, and copy the demo to this directory, before extracting the files.

    If you have software or software demos you want to post on this site, send us an email, and we will give you the necessary instructions.

    3DADE - A Fortran computer program for evaluating a series of analytical solutions of the 3-Dimensional Advection-Dispersion Equation.

    AGU-10 - A collection of screening level analytical flow and transport programs for homogeneous, isotropic flow fields, based on the American Geophysical Union's Water Resources Monograph 10.

    Argus ONE - The Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE) enable you to easily and intuitively prepare your data for any modeling package, finite element as well as finite difference based. By automatically linking the physical data you enter in GIS layers to grid blocks or mesh nodes and elements, Argus ONE keeps your data reusable. Changing your mesh or grid doesn't require you to re-enter your data. Argus ONE integrates a variety of tessellation modules including the Argus MeshMaker®Finite difference grids module and the Argus MeshMaker Triangular and Quadrilateral finite element modules.

    AT123D - AT123D is based on an analytical solution for transient one-, two-, or three-dimensional transport of a dissolved chemical or radionuclide or heat in a homogeneous aquifer with uniform, stationary regional flow. The program assumes a stationary flow field parallel to the X-axis and allows for retardation (based on reversible instantaneous linear equilibrium sorption isotherm) and first-order decay.

    AT123D-AT - This updated version of AT123D corrects for errors in the original AT123D for pulse sources, and also includes new numerical integration schemes that allow one to accurately simulate rapidly changing transient sources. New series solution approximations for finite-depth aquifers and checks for steady state nodes are included to improve solution accuracy and efficiency. The new program is rewritten using FORTRAN 90 standards, and still runs all legacy input files for the original AT123D.  In addition, AT123D-AT has additional input options for new numerical integration methods, and includes new output options for creating areal plume plots and time series plots at selected monitoring points.

    BIOCHLOR - Remediation by natural attenuation (RNA) of dissolved solvents at chlorinated solvent release sites (v2.2 - June 2002)

    BIOPLUME III - EPA version of popular 2D flow/transport/aerobic biodegradation model

    BIOSCREEN - Remediation through natural attenuation of dissolved hydrocarbons at petroleum fuel release sites (v1.4 - July 1997)

    CANVAS - A composite analytical-numerical code for simulation of transport and fate of viruses in ground-water.

    CAPZONE - An analytical flow model that can be used to construct ground-water flow models of two-dimensional flow systems characterized by isotropic and homogeneous confined, leaky-confined, or unconfined flow conditions

    CASE - Dealing with salinization of coastal fresh water aquifers

    CHEMFLO - Screening model for flow and transport in soils (v1.30 - August 1989)

    COVAR- A program for generating two-dimensional fields of autocorrelated parameters which are normally or log-normally distributed (e.g., hydraulic conductivity).

    CXTFIT - Successful predictions of the fate and transport of solutes in the subsurface hinges on the availability of accurate transport parameters.

    CZAEM (Capture Zone Analytic Element Model) - A single-layer model for simulating steady flow in homogeneous aquifers using the Analytic Element Method

    EPA-VHS - A screening level model to predict maximum concentration of a pollutant at a prescribed distance downstream from a continuous source (at the compliance point).

    EnvironInsite - A groundwater data visualization application developed for practicing hydrogeologists.  It is a workspace for exploring and communicating complex geologic and environmental conceptual models.  EnviroInsite's ease of use and low cost make it the only choice for groundwater visualization on every desktop! Environmental Insite is a desktop tool for analysis and ommunication of environmental groundwater data (30-day trial version available).

    GEOEAS - Geostatistical environmental assessment software: Kriging Software

    GEOPACK - User-friendly geostatistical software system: Kriging Software

    GFLOW - A highly efficient stepwise groundwater flow modeling system developed by Haitjema Software. A Windows program based on the analytic element method. It models steady state flow in a single heterogeneous aquifer using the Dupuit-Forchheimer assumption. Educational Version of GFLOW is free.

    GMS - A comprehensive package which provides tools for every phase of a groundwater simulation including site characterization, model development, post-processing, calibration, and visualization. Free Trial Version Available.

    GWFLOW - The program 'GWFLOW' brings together seven frequently used analytical solutions for ground-water flow problems

    HELP - A quasi-two-dimensional, deterministic, water-routing model for determining water balances

    HOTWTR - A block-centered finite difference model for simulating three-dimensional steady-state groundwater flow and heat transport in an isotropic, heterogeneous confined aquifer system with uniform thermal properties

    HPS - A analytical model for simulating three-dimensional contaminant transport from a Horizontal Plane Source in a uniform regional ground water flow field

    HSSM - The Hydrocarbon Spill Screening Model (HSSM) is intended for simulation of subsurface releases of light nonaqueous phase liquids (LNAPLs) in homogeneous soils

    HST3D - Simulates ground-water flow and associated heat and solute transport in three dimensions

    HYDRUS-1D - A MS Windows Program for Simulating Water Flow, Heat and Solute Movement in One-Dimensional Variably Saturated Media with full-color, high-resolution Graphics User Interface

    HYDRUS-2D/3D - A MS Windows Program for Simulating Water Flow and Solute Transport in Two and /Three-Dimensional Variably Saturated Media with full-color, high-resolution Graphics User Interface (Demo Version)

    ICE-1 - A research model for the analysis of coupled flow of water, heat and solute in unsaturated, partially frozen soils, including heave effects?

    INFIL - A numerical simulation model for solving the problem of ponded transient infiltration into a deep, homogeneous soil

    INFIL3.0 - A grid-based, distributed-parameter watershed model to estimate net infiltration below the root zone

    INVFD - A two-dimensional, steady-state ground-water flow model, which can be used to estimate parameters by nonlinear regression?

    JDB2D/3D - Simple Two- and Quasi-Three-Dimensional Numerical Flow Model

    JUPITER-API and Applications - Joint Universal Parameter IdenTification and Evaluation of Reliability - Application Programming Interface

    MINTEQA2 - An equilibrium speciation model that can be used to calculate the equilibrium composition of dilute aqueous solutions in the laboratory or in natural aqueous systems

    MINTEQAK - An extensive modification of the MINTEQA2 code to model the change in composition of aqueous flow as it traverses a wetland/reactor system

    MMA - A computer code for mutil-model analysis, constructed using the JUPITER API

    MOC - A two-dimensional model for the simulation of non-conservative solute transport in saturated ground-water systems

    MOC3D - A 3D flow and transport model. The method of characteristics transport model is integrated with modflow and considers advection, dispersion, mixing from other fluid sources, linear sorption, and radioactive decay. Includes manual, source, executable and example files

    MOCDENSE - A two-dimensional, cross-sectional model for the analysis of saltwater intrusion. It simulates conservative solute transport and dispersion of one or two constituents in a ground-water system with density-dependent flow

    MODALL - MODular ALLocation Tool for Designing and Optimizing Capture Systems. MODALL uses the MODFLOW-calculated cell-by-cell flow terms to evaluate internodal flow balances to determine the percentage of flow in each cell which has either originated from a given source(s) or flows to a specified sink(s)

    MODFE - A modular 2D finite element model for simulation of steady-state or transient areal, cross-sectional, and axi-symmetric ground-water flow

    MODFLOW2000 - A block-centered finite difference code for steady-state and transient simulation of two-dimensional, quasi-three-dimensional, and fully three-dimensional saturated, constant density flow problems in combinations of confined and unconfined aquifer-aquitard systems above an impermeable base

    MODFLOW-GUI PIE - Preprocessor and postprocessor graphical-user interfaces for preparing MODFLOW-96, MODFLOW-2000, MODFLOW-2005, MOC3D, MODPATH, and ZONEBDGT input data and viewing model output for use within Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE)

    MODFLOWP - A parameter estimation package that can be used in conjunction with MODFLOW to improve model construction and calibration

    MODMAN - (MODflow MANagement) adds optimization capability to the U.S.G.S. finite-difference model for groundwater flow simulation in three dimensions.

    MPNE1D - General analytical solution for one-dimensional solute transport

    MT3DMS - Modular 3-D multi-species transport model for simulation of advection, dispersion, and chemical reactions of contaminants in groundwater systems

    NAPL Simulator - Conducts a simulation of the contamination of soils and aquifers which results from the release of organic liquids commonly referred to as Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPLS)  

    NETFLO - A model to simulate steady-state three-dimensional ground-water flow in a heterogeneous medium using an equivalent network of series and parallel flow members

    NETPATH - An interactive program for calculating NET geochemical reactions and radiocarbon dating along a flow PATH

    ONE-D - A package of five analytical models of the one-dimensional convective-dispersive transport equation with linear adsorption, zero-order production, and first-order decay

    ONESTEP - A program for estimation of up to five unknown parameters in the van Genuchten soil hydraulic property model

    OPTP - A simple, user-interactive DOS program for computing the optimal discharge of a well in terms of benefit (of water produced) versus pumping cost, using a single-variable (i.e., discharge) constrained nonlinear programming algorithm

    PARFLOW - is an integrated, parallel watershed model that makes use of high-performance computing to simulate surface and subsurface fluid flow. The goal of the ParFlow project is to enable detailed simulations for use in the assessment and management of groundwater and surface water, to investigate system physics and feedbacks and to understand interactions at a range of scales. To download, click here.

    PAT - An analytical model for the computation and graphical representation of pathlines and travel times of ground-water in an infinite or semi-infinite homogeneous and isotropic confined aquifer

    PATH3D - A powerful and widely used particle-tracking program for MODFLOW. PATH3D is a valuable extension to a groundwater flow model, and is frequently a practical alternative to a contaminant transport model.

    PEST - The industry standard software package for parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis of complex environmental and other computer models

    PESTAN - The program PESTAN represents model for evaluating the one-dimensional vertical transport of organic pollutants through homogeneous soil to ground-water

    PHREEQC - A computer program for speciation, reaction-path, advective transport, and inverse geochemical calculations

    PHREEQE - A geochemical reaction model which is based on an ion pairing aqueous model

    Phreflow - A program that models three dimensional unconfined transient groundwater flow and transport using the superposition of analytic functions

    PHRQPITZ - A computer program capable of making geochemical calculations in brines and other electrolyte solutions of high concentrations using the Pitzer virial-coefficient approach for activity-coefficient corrections.

    PMWIN (Processing Modflow for Windows) - A totally integrated simulation system for modeling groundwater flow and transport processes with MODFLOW-88, MODFLOW-96, PMPATH, MT3D, MT3DMS, MOC3D, PEST and UCODE (version 5.3.1 is freeware)

    RETC - A computer program which may be used to analyze the soil water retention and hydraulic conductivity functions of unsaturated soils

    RITZ - A screening level model for simulation of unsaturated zone flow and transport of oily wastes during land treatment

    ROBIN - 3-D reactive transport modeling using the deterministic streamline method

    SEAWAT - A Computer Program for Simulation of Three-Dimensional Variable-Density Ground-Water Flow and Transport

    SIM_ADJUST - A Computer Code that Adjusts Simulated Equivalents for Observations

    SLUGC - A graphic program for determining hydraulic conductivity values based on the analysis of slug tests using the Cooper, Bredehoeft and Papadopulos et al. method.

    SLUGT2 - An updated version of program 'SLUGT' and computes hydraulic conductivity values based on the analysis of slug-test data

    SOHYP - An analytical model for calculation of the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity function

    STANMOD2 - Computer Software for Evaluating Solute Transport in Porous Media Using Analytical Solutions of the Convection-Dispersion Equation
    Download STANMOD User's Manual: Stanmod.pdf (72KB)

    SUMATRA1 - A one-dimensional Hermitian finite element (HFE) model for simulation of simultaneous movement of water and a solute in a heterogeneous soil profile

    SUMMERS - A screening level interactive computer program for estimating soil cleanup levels

    SURGE - A computer program which enables to generate a surface as an interpolation (approximation) function of two independent variables

    SutraSuite contains the SUTRA ground-water simulation code and a number of utilities for both pre- and post-processing for simulations in both two spatial dimensions (2D) and three spatial dimensions (3D).

    SWACROP (Soil WAter and CROP production model) - A transient one-dimensional finite difference model for simulation of the unsaturated zone. It incorporates the process of water uptake by roots.

    SWANFLOW - A three-dimensional finite-difference code for simulating the flow of water and an immiscible nonaqueous phase under saturated and unsaturated near-surface conditions

    SWICHA - A three-dimensional finite element code for analyzing seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers

    The Sea Water Intrusion (SWI) package for MODFLOW - is intended for the modeling of regional seawater intrusion with MODFLOW. The SWI package simulates the evolution of the three-dimensional density distribution through time; effects of the density distribution on the flow are taken into account explicitly.

    SWMS-2D - A computer program for simulating water and solute movement in two-dimensional variably saturated media

    TGUESS - A computer program for estimating transmissivity from specific capacity data

    TimML - A computer program for the modeling of steady-state multiaquifer flow with analytic elements and consists of a library of Python scripts and FORTRAN extensions

    UCODE_2014 - is a DOS/UNIX universal inverse modeling program

    WIDE - Responses of four major types of aquifers to well placement, rate of extraction, and well number

    Visual AEM - A graphical user interface for single and multi-layer analytic element modeling of (mostly) steady-state groundwater flow and numerical/analytical modeling of vertically-averaged contaminant transport

    WATEQ4F - A program for the calculation of chemical equilibrium in natural waters

    WhAEM2000 - A public domain, ground-water flow model designed to facilitate capture zone delineation and protection area mapping in support of the State's Wellhead Protection Programs (WHPP) and Source Water Assessment Planning (SWAP) for public water supplies in the United States

    WHPA - A semi-analytical ground water flow simulation program used for delineating capture zones in a wellhead protection area

    WODA Solver - WODA (Well Outline and Design Aid) is a simulator of variably saturated well-driven groundwater flow in an anisotropic discontinuous environment with miscible displacements, heat transfer, variable density, sorption, degradation etc.

    Zonebudget (ZONBUD) - A computer program that computes subregional water budgets using results from the MODFLOW ground- water flow model.

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