What is the JUPITER API?

When models are constructed to represent systems characterized by processes common to environmental systems (including, for example, physical, chemical, biological processes), a number of typical analyses are needed. For example,

1. Model results are often compared to observed values to determine how well the model reproduces system processes and characteristics.

2. Sensitivity analysis may be used to determine what parameters are important to observed quantities used to evaluate model performance.

3. Data needs assessment may be used to determine what additional data would be most important to improving selected model predictions.

4. Calibration may be used to modify parameter values and other aspects of the model.

5. Predictions may need to be compared against regulatory limits.

6. Uncertainty of predictions may be quantified using inferential or Monte Carlo methods.

7. Decisions about how the system is managed may need to be made.

The JUPITER API the Joint Universal Parameter IdenTification and Evaluation of Reliability Application Programming Interface has been developed to improve the computer programming resources available to those developing applications (computer programs) for model analysis.

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Last Update: June 5, 2009