IGWMC's R&D program is focused on development and improvement of modeling methodologies and their subsequent acceptance and widespread use.

    You can tap into the expertise of the IGWMC staff for advice related to the selection of modeling software, its use in projects, development of software, training in the use of software, and other modeling related topics by contacting IGWMC. Short term advisory services are available in our modeling clinic.

    Advisory Services IGWMC provides an advisory service not only for supporting software distributed by IGWMC, but also for advising on generic modeling questions and site specific applications. Charges include a minimum of $15 for the first 5 minutes and $2/minute thereafter or $4/min when upper level personnel are required to evaluate the problem. During our short tenure in the IGWMC we expeditiously resolved many technical questions. Consequently, when an employee is uncertain about an issue or cannot move forward with a project until an issue is resolved, we believe the advisory service is a cost effective alternative for the company, because it can save hours of employee time required to unravel the problem or correct an error resulting from an incorrect decision by an uncertain employee. In addition to cost effectively advancing the project, the company will be facilitating the furthering of the education of a groundwater engineering student. It's essentially a "teaching hospital", but the patients are your ground-water problems.