Working on "Water Quality and Supply Impacts from Climate-Induced Insect Tree Mortality and Resource Management in the Rocky Mountain West"

Lindsay Bearup
Ph.D. Student

Research interests include the interrelationships between water and nutrient cycles with possible implications for contaminant transport.

Current research invesitgates this concept in the context of the land cover change from the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic in the Rocky Mountian West. Previous work approached the question from a geochemical perspective to understand groundwater residence times for which metal desorption kinetics are important.

Bearup, L.A., Navarre-Sitchler, A.K., Maxwell, R.M., McCray, J.E. 2012. Kinetic metal release from competing processes in aquifers. Environ. Sci. Technol. 46(12), 6539-6547. doi:10.1021/es203586y

Kristin Mikkelson
Ph.D. Candidate

My research focuses on the impacts the mountain pine beetle epidemic may have on water quality and quantity in the Rocky Mountain West.

Mikkelson K, Maxwell R, Ferguson I, Stednick J, McCray J and Sharp J 2011. Mountain pine beetle infestation impacts: modeling water and energy budgets at the hill-slope scale. Ecohydrology. DOI: 10.1002/eco.278.

Mikkelson KM, Dickerson ERV, McCray JE, Maxwell RM and Sharp JO 2012. Adverse water quality impacts from climate-induced forest die-off. Nature Climate Change. doi:10.1038/nclimate1724.

Mikkelson KM, Bearup L, Sharp JO, Maxwell RM and McCray JE 2012. Bark beetle infestation effects on water quality and quantity: a review. Environmental Research Letters. In Prep.